About Me


I am an artist; handmade jewelry is my passion. Every piece I make is unique, like a snowflake. My hard work and love is put into each piece, and it's made just for you.

My style is modern bohemian, it can even be rustic, gypsy,  and minimalist at times. I draw inspiration from everything around me, from cultures and colors to nature and symbolism. I am drawn to  gemstones, which lead me to learn more about them to inspire my design. I find the beauty in everything. I love to hear stories from people when they request jewelry, it helps me create a custom piece that is special to them.

I love to do silversmithing, specifically with sterling silver and fine silver. I create all my jewelry from scratch, starting with designing and then moving into cutting, sawing, soldering, molding, filing, and polishing. The other metals I work with are brass, copper, and bronze.

All of my pieces are special, no one will have similar jewelry. Handmade imperfections are beautiful.